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Your vehicle keys are no longer just a metal mechanical key. Originating a new key for a car today isn’t as easy as going to the local hardware store and duplicating one, and with Aledo Locksmith, it's more convenient than having your car or truck towed to the dealership and waiting for a day or two! Today most all new cars and trucks use remote fob keys, transponder computer chip keys, and push button start (Keyless) ignitions for added convenience and security. While this technology makes things much easier, it also comes at a cost that most people don't realize. We are far from the $2.50 metal key at the auto parts store. The problem with these keys can be difficult to make, costly, and time consuming to repair. At Aledo Locksmith, we offer our automotive services at a fraction of the cost without the wait at the dealership. For example, Ford tells you that you need two keys for the vehicle to operate. THIS IS NOT TRUE! So let's do the math... Tow fee at a minimum of $150.00, $400+ for the two keys, and programming to the vehicle. We are about half the cost or less for originating keys and programming them to your vehicle. Best part is that we come to you. Our Locksmiths come to you and provide on site car key replacement, reprogramming, and repairs for your remote fob, computer chip key, and locks if needed. If you have a broken, stolen, or malfunctioning key, don’t panic- Call Aledo Locksmith Now!

List of automotive services:

  • Lockouts for your car, truck, or SUV
  • Vehicle keys cut and programmed at your location in Aledo, TX
  • Computer chip keys duplicated
  • Ignition switch repair
  • Door locks keyed
  • Chip keys cloned
  • EEPROM chip repairs
  • Steering column repairs
  • Classic car keys made
  • Older truck keys made (1935-2020)

We work with:

  • Individual car and truck owners
  • Businesses
  • Fleet management
  • Auto auctions
  • Car dealers
  • Auto body shops
  • Wrecking yards
  • Police pound
  • Towing facilities

Our locksmith trucks are fully equipped with the latest in key cutting machines and programmers on the market today. We have 99% of older and late model keys and remotes in stock! We stick to the price given to you over the phone. Don't fall for the $29.00 Locksmith scam going around on the internet. These fly by night companies will charge you over $300-$400 for a simple lockout. When dealing with any locksmith company, ask for their license number and for an exact price for their services. This will scare the scammers away and then you can locate a legit locksmith company in Aledo.

Late model Ford Proximity Fob.


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