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Give Aledo Locksmith a ring. They’ll enhance the convenience and security of your home, in Aledo, Texas. Their services are top notch, budget friendly and accessible round the clock. If you’re seeking improved home security solutions their team of insured professionals is at your service. Residential Locksmith services in Parker County!

How can you unwind at home if you don’t feel secure? How can you relax after a day if you’re fretting over a deadbolt that needs replacing? What if the lock is showing signs of wear and tear?  Count, on our Aledo locksmith professionals to offer expert assistance at rates.

Residential Locksmith Aledo TX

Door lock re-keying – Residential locksmith Aledo TX

people decide to change their locks, but changing locks is time-consuming and expensive. Our locksmith will disassemble each lock and replace it with a new one, which requires a lot of labor and replacement parts. Replacing the keys also serves the same purpose: to prevent the old key from unlocking the corresponding door. However, re-keying with Aledo Locksmith simply reconfigures the lock rather than replacing it, and a new key is required to unlock it. It’s as easy and quick as you think. Our qualified locksmiths will get the job done in no time.

Don’t forget to create additional keys

If you plan on replacing your keys or buying new ones, be sure to arrange for a copy of your keys as well. Aledo Locksmith recommends creating a spare key so you don’t have to look for your keys. Instead of running around like a headless chicken, he can grab one of the spare keys and look for the primary key when he has time. Plus, having an extra key is handy if your kids or guests need to access your location when you’re not around. Feel free to call our friendly locksmiths anytime day or night. Our phones are answered by a licensed and insured locksmith!